Kirklees Approach To Ramsden Road In Tatters.

Ramsden Road & extensive off piste activity. This is much worse now than in 2017 when Kirklees began the process to close the route to motor vehicles.

As we all know England has been in a strict covid 19 lockdown for the past 4 weeks. During this period only essential travel has been permitted. Work, caring, essential shopping, medical reasons, that kind of thing.

Funnily enough 4×4 use of Ramsden Road has reached a peak during the lockdown. Locals are reporting damage to property, including pulling out of gates,posts and boulders to access and drive on private property. Much of this has been under the cover of darkness. Although regular convoys of 4×4’s, quads and motorbikes have been a common daily sight  on Ramsden Road and nearby Kiln Bent Road. 

Deliberate damage has been caused to the publicly funded works on Ramsden Road with vehicles driving in the new ditch and destroying at least one new culvert. The damage extends beyond Ramsden Road and onto land adjacent to Kiln Bent Road which is also popular with off roaders. 

Deliberate 4×4 damage to land adjacent to Kiln Bent Road


Post put in to stop 4×4 access to Ramsden Clough (a sssi) pulled out by 4×4 drivers. 

Kirklees Council’s approach to Ramsden Road has been to hide behind the well meaning  “Friends of Ramsden Road” group whilst ignoring the ongoing damage to the local environment and public highway, nuisance to residents and loss of amenity value to non motorised users of Ramsden Road. That’s a high price to pay but of course it’s not the only bill facing Kirklees.

Year on year the damage to Ramsden Road becomes more expensive to repair as a direct result of the council’s negligence. The final bill may run into hundreds of thousands of pounds. That’s a lot of money to keep a few 4×4 drivers and a couple of councillors happy. Dig deep taxpayers! Incompetence on this scale doesn’t come cheap.

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