Ramsden Road – Public Space Protection Order?

Green laning….

Kirklees is rapidly becoming the jewel in the green laners crown. The 4×4 friendly council have for many years given carte blanche for Ramsden Road and connecting lanes to be sacrificed to this anti social pass time at the expense of all other users and the environment.

The councils unique skill set of incompetence and indifference have served them well on Ramsden Road where every half cocked intervention over 25 years has succeeded in making things worse … unless you’re in a 4×4!

In the latest twist it appears that Kirklees officers have been “consulting” some “key stakeholders” regarding making a Public Space Protection Order on Ramsden Road. Those “key Stakeholders” don’t appear to be from groups most negatively affected by 4×4 use on Ramsden Road – walkers,cyclists,equestrians or residents. Who could the mystery “key Stakeholders” be? Kirklees should come clean and be clear on where the PSPO idea has come from and who the “Key Stakeholders” are.

Public Space Protection Orders are fairly new and designed to tackle anti social behaviour. See  here . It would seem an odd choice to use such a tool on Ramsden Road where the damage comes from legitimate legal use of the byway by 4×4 motor vehicles. The dreadful damage to adjacent land is an added bonus. Stop 4×4 access with a Traffic Regulation Order and it all goes away.  Perhaps they are going to ban anti social ramblers? At the moment no one knows as Kirklees officers have refused point blank to provide any information. This is never a good sign.


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