Cheese Gate Nab Side

Cheese Gate Nab Side

Cheese Gate Nab Side is another unmade road in the Holme Valley suffering from both long term neglect by the Highway Authority, Kirklees, and abuse by off road motor vehicles.

The poor condition of the road, which is part of the Kirklees Way, was reported to Kirklees 2 years ago. The fabric of the road has deteriorated further in that time but Kirklees have neither responded to the reports or carried out any repairs. The lack of some simple drainage and surfacing works in 2019 has led to failure of the road which is now worse than the infamous Ramsden Road. Sadly what both roads have in common are an ineffective Highway Authority and being increasingly popular with off roaders/green laners.

With the proposed Public Space Protection Order for the Ramsden Road area routes like Cheese Gate Nab Side will come under ever more pressure from the anti social users denied access to Ramsden Road. This is something Kirklees have not properly considered. As usual council managers can’t fix a problem without at least creating another one to be going on with.

After asking what happened to the 2 year old report on Cheese Gate Nab Side it isn’t clear if the road was ever inspected but there is a note on file which states “This track leading up through Cheese Gate Nab has been in this exact same condition for 20+ years and has caused little to no issue over that period. NFA” Customer care at its best 🙂

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