Ramsden Road/Yateholme Public Space Protection Order Advertised On 1st April

From the local press

In a pleasing hint that perhaps our local bureaucrats do have a cheeky sense of humour the public space protection order for Ramsden Road and the Yateholme Lanes was appropriately advertised in the local press on April Fools Day . Having spent the past 2 years telling us Ramsden Road must be open for all users all the time our hapless council have now double crossed all those who believed they actually meant that. A large swath of off roaders will be labeled anti social and banned from the lanes if they do not join the Green Lane Association for a ticket. All those locked out will no doubt be happy to oblige the trashing of vulnerable countryside elsewhere in the Holme Valley.

The answer to the green laning problem in the Holme Valley area is to put Traffic Regulation Orders prohibiting motor vehicles on all the lanes.

PathWatch will come back to the order in a future post. For now savour the extra half mile of hole the council has just dug itself into and the rich display of contempt council officers have heaped on residents and walkers in the area by completely ignoring their reasonable requests for engagement in favour of some 4×4 drivers. They must be an award for this kind of thing.

The newspaper advert provides a link to the order and plans on the council website. In true Kirklees form there’s nothing there! Perhaps it is an April Fool after all? (Probably the best hope for our local environment with these jokers.Ed.)

4 thoughts on “Ramsden Road/Yateholme Public Space Protection Order Advertised On 1st April”

  1. Hello Do you know if anyone has ever tried to prove via barrister’s opinion/court that Definitive Maps made under West Riding County Council in the 1950’s are illegal because RUPPs and bridleways were downgraded to footpaths 4′ wide en masse without evidence? Info please to susan366taylor@btinterent.com
    Read my efforts on ‘cross roads’ at http://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/susan-taylor-368-byways-and-bridleways

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    1. I’m not sure to be honest. There may be issues with BOATS in Kirklees as there seem to be no Legal Orders reclassifying them as such from RUPPS on the 1985 DMS
      . It is something I’m currently looking at.

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  2. I am very saddened that GLASS support the making of this order. This is just a back door in to getting the lane closed. This order needs to be challenged at every level at court.

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