Holmfirth Moors Go Into Lockdown.

Full Lockdown For Ramblers.

The 17th of May 2021 saw the lifting of many lockdown restrictions. Bars, restaurants and hotels flung open their doors to weary members of the public who could now get a pint indoors and hug each other when tipsy enough.

On the same date a large swath of moorland above Holmfirth was placed into full lockdown with all public access closed for the rest of May and a chunk of June. The irony is wonderful and there really should be an award for this kind of thing.

The closure is perfectly legitimate as landowners can close access land for 28 days a year. It neatly demonstrates the short comings of the CROW access rights which fall way short of the Scottish system where this would never happen. Cheesed off ramblers can view the paper work at Natural England

So forget a bracing walk on the moors and go to the pub for a pint or three with shots of Kent,Brazilian or Indian chasers to make life both more interesting and possibly shorter.

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