Holmfirth Cricket Club Footpath

It just so happens that one of the most well used public rights of way in the Holme Valley, the path to Sands Rec via the Cricket Club, has never been recorded on the Definitive Map for Kirklees.

Following the routes obstruction a claim was made by members of the public and Kirklees made an order in 2018. Inevitable objections were made but PathWatch is pleased to report light at the end of the tunnel (or possibly an oncoming train? Ed).

The Planning Inspectorate will now decide the case via written representations. Here’s the bumf from our man at the Ministry

2 thoughts on “Holmfirth Cricket Club Footpath”

  1. Hello holmfirthwalker, Written Representations??? How does that come about? Is it because of Covid? Is it a good way to proceed? Why would anyone chose to do that and not have a PI?

    Thought you may be interested in my barrister’s opinion and my attempt to save ‘cross roads’ (restricted byways)….see links below

    Click to access what-is-a-cross-road.pdf

    https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/susan-taylor-368- byways-and-bridleways

    Regards Susan

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