500 New Path Signs For Kirklees!

Path signs are a legal requirement where a path leaves the public road.

In a very positive move Kirklees Council have bought enough signs and poles to erect 500 footpath/bridleway signs across the district. These signs are vital in indicating the existence of public paths where they leave the public road. Their presence gives confidence to members of the public and encourages use.

Well done Kirklees!

(Now might be a good time to let kirklees know of any missing signs via highways.ross@kirklees.gov.uk ? )

One thought on “500 New Path Signs For Kirklees!”

  1. Hi there, I’ve only just signed up to Path Watch but finding it interesting, particularly from the point of view of what the council are doing, or not in some cases.

    In relation to your footpath signs post, it got me thinking about the initiatives that are happening currently around locating, confirming and reporting footpaths before they become ‘lost’. I believe Ramblers Org and Slow Ways are running schemes currently. Do you know of any groups or individuals who are actively doing this in our area? Kirklees / Holme & Colne Valleys / HD8 & Peak District


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