Holmfirth Footpath 60 Wolfstones s247

Holmfirth Footpath 60

The public Inquiry into the proposed stopping up and diversion of Holmfirth 60 takes place on 23rd of August. The Department of Transport publish documents relating to the inquiry here and it is regularly updated.

This process is funded by the taxpayer. So if you want to see what your money is spent on, are interested in the path or just can’t sleep, it’s worth a read.

One thought on “Holmfirth Footpath 60 Wolfstones s247”

  1. Good morning holmfirthwalker. I’ve written the attached paper, including evidence of corruption in the old West Riding Definitive Map process, which I’m putting to a public inquiry in Somerset in September. The reason it is in Somerset and not Calderdale (where I live) is because that is the first PI I can submit it to to see what the reaction is…and if my evidence is rejected out of hand, that could be the subject of a Judicial Review which I’m raising funds for and will hopefully be bankrolled in the main by the British Horse Society..

    You may know that 18th & 19thC map makers used ‘cross road’ in their legends to define their secondary roads after turnpikes…but many people are confused and think it means a road junction. I explain in my paper why that isn’t the case.

    With slight tweeking this paper will soon be going to Calderdale MBC in support of Def Map claims, one in particular (Hangingstones Lane Ripponden) which was lost at PI in 1999 due to a corrupt Inspector inventing his own evidence which negated ours !!!

    Things haven’t improved much…Susan Doran of PINS recently said that neither a ‘cross road’ nor a ‘parochial road’ were defined and she rejected parochial road as being weighty inf favour of a RB status because it wasn’t recorded as a “parochial carriage road”!!! Unbelievable. But true. Byway lost forever.

    Please feel free to share this material wherever you think it will do some good. Regards, Susan

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