Kirklees Tourism Strategy

Kirklees are currently running a survey on their 3 year Tourism Strategy. It’s an odd questionnaire and from a PathWatch perspective predictably disappointing as it doesn’t mention one of Kirklees finest assets – it’s countryside.

Most residents of Kirklees can’t just go out and buy a George Hotel like Cllr Pandor but access to the countryside is free and the rights of way network links the towns to this asset. How could these links be improved? How can we encourage more residents and visitors into the countryside and the benefits associated with it?

As readers of this blog may suspect management of countryside access in Kirklees is chaotic at best. So residents will drive elsewhere and visitors will steer clear. Both groups miss out on some fine walking,cycling and riding as a result.

If nothing else it’s worth doing the survey for question 11. Describe Kirklees in 3 words! Do keep it polite 🙂

One thought on “Kirklees Tourism Strategy”

  1. Maybe if kirklees stopped allowing houses to be built on the countryside where I live in Soothill Batley, (where the council leader once lived )then we would proudly say the countryside but he has allowed building in fields I walked regularly on up to Grange farm, he has allowed houses to be built at Gawthorpe by the water tower where I regularly walked & now he is allowing part of Hanging Heaton fields to be built on he is a disgrace as is Kirklees Council.

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