Beware Of The Bull!

It’s true to say that “Beware of the Bull” signs out number actual bulls in the English countryside. A surprise then to come across a bull in a field without any signs or the legally required female company.

Instead of Tinder bulls have section 59 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 which requires them to have female company (cows/heifers) with them in any field crossed by a public right of way.

The bull may benefit from section 59 but the real reason for this clause is to protect ramblers from bulls. As well as cows and heifers bulls must be over 2 years old and not a dairy breed. The combination of age,females and being a beef breed usually keeps an equilibrium between bull/rambler. Rambers can enjoy a walk. Bulls can enjoy the female company.

At the time of writing there is a beef bull alone in a field crossed by Colne Valley Public Footpaths 102 and 103 at Grid Reference SE 074 151. Footpath 102 is part of the Colne Valley Circular Walk and we’re just into the school holidays.

Footpath 102 has featured on PathWatch before with the problem ladder stile.

Kirklees are aware of the bull.

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