Kirklees PROW Forum

Kirklees Prow Managers From the H Simpson Academy

The Kirklees Prow Forum has restarted after a long Covid break. The latest meeting was held on 25th July 2022. Here are the notes .

The problem with Public Rights of Way management in Kirklees is, and continues to be, a culture within management and councillors that Prows don’t matter. All prow problems highlighted on this blog and out there on the network stem from this notion. “It’s only a footpath” is repeated like a holy mantra any time some path problem comes to light.

The same errors are repeated over and over again. The costs involved dwarf the annual prow maintenance budget. That there is no coherent approach to enforcement, planning or cyclic maintenance of Prows speaks volumes. At the end of the day it’s only 700 miles of path network. How hard can it be?

Examples – Batley FP 5 Holmfirth BW 94 Ramsden Road Meltham BW 50 Colne Valley They’re only footpaths!

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