Holmfirth Bridleway 94 Windy Hill – Progress.

Reinstatement works to BW 94

Previously on PathWatch we featured the dreadful damage to Holmfirth Bridleway 94 at Windy Hill quarry (here and here )

The bridleway was shut in early August with an emergency closure order which was subsequently extended with a 6 months closure to allow for reinstatement works. The observant reader will notice that the closure doesn’t apply to cyclists!

Although the bridleway is still closed it is possible to see works to reinstate the route from the road below and it looks encouraging. Hopefully the bridleway will soon be reopened for public use.

This case has been dealt with by the council’s “Complex Enforcement Officer” who seems to have access to a wider range of council resources than either Prow or “normal” enforcement staff.

Whilst things do look encouraging it’s best not to count any eggs or even assume the hens are laying with Kirklees but PathWatch lives in hope.

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