Is There Anybody There? Ramsden Road.

Parish Councillors Attempting To Contact Kirklees Managers.

As we head towards the second birthday of the ill fated Public Space Protection Order for Ramsden Road and the fourth birthday of the even more ill fated Experimental Traffic Regulation Order Kirklees Council remain paralysed by incompetence.

Holme Valley Parish Council have been involved for several years in an attempt to improve the Ramsden Road area for residents and users who are suffering from 4×4 misuse. Kirklees appear to be largely ignoring the genuine approach by the Parish Council. So much so that the council has felt it necessary to write a letter asking if there is anybody there at Kirklees.

The item is on the Parish Council agenda for 31st October and is copied and pasted below. It will be interesting to see if a response is received from the “other side”, so to speak.

Planning Committee Meeting – 31/10/2022 Page 4 of 5
v. Ramsden Road

  • As reported previously, Cllr Wilson wrote 26 August 2022 to Will Acornley who
    is the Kirklees Director overseeing the implementation of the Public Space
    Protection Order (PSPO) and the physical installation of barriers. Cllr Wilson
    received no response. Hence, 14 October 2022 he wrote to the Kirklees Chief
    Executive, Jacqui Gedman; Kirklees Strategic Director, Colin Parr; and Kirklees
    Service Director, Julie Muscroft to ask if Will Acornley was still in post and to
    ask for an update.
    At the time of this agenda being posted, Cllr Wilson had yet to receive a reply.
    Cllr Wilson to report.
    To consider any further actions at this time.

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