HGV’s To Increase To 30 Per Day On Cartworth Moor Road?

Kirklees have already increased HGV movement from 8 to 16 per day. Could it now be 30?

A new planning application seeks to extend and deepen the quarry at Windy Hill on Cartworth Moor. Holmfirth Bridleway 94 has been destroyed at this site and remains closed as a result.

The new application would result in some 30 HGV’s a day accessing the quarry via Cartworth Moor Road. This road is unmade and a very popular walking, cycling and riding route through greenbelt land. Kirklees did not consider non motorised users of Bridleway 94 and Cartworth Moor Road last time around with predictable results of damage and conflict.

Comments on the application can be made here up to the 13th December 2022.

Whoops there goes Holmfirth Bridleway 94.

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