New Economy Waymarks Launched !

Economy Class Waymarks For Kirklees Paths.

PathWatch is delighted to announce the launch of a new scheme to waymark every path in Kirklees with recycled budget class waymarkers.

Our bargin basement bureaucrats have signed a deal with Poundland, Huddersfield for an exclusive 10 pack of marker pens direct from the stores super cheap stationary department.

Strategic Director of Felt Tips at Kirklees , Mr. Parker Jotter-Biro told PathWath “This is an exciting new partnership with a leading private sector player and a massive vote of confidence in terms of our plans as an administration to waymark Kirklees rights of way. It shows that we are prudent, we are visionary, we are ambitious, but at the same time we are very careful in how we manage taxpayers money as we’ve only spent a pound!

The Prime Minister of Kirklees, Councillor Pandor, added “Pounland is a big name and it just shows the kind of investors we are attracting into Kirklees. It’s amazing that we’re going to get this up and running by 2024.”

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