Ramsden Road News – 4 Gates Fitted.

One of the new Gates.

First the good news. 4 new gates have been fitted to Ramsden Road and the Yateholme Lanes to stop 4×4 vehicles. The not so good news is that at the moment they are all unlocked. This is Kirklees, so everything is done in the most expensive and inefficient way.

The gates have cost £44K and have been put in ahead of any closure order. This, despite the fact that Kirklees knew they had money for the gates (which had to be spent by March 2023) back in the middle of 2022. Why a PSPO could not have been put in place to coincide with the gates going in is a mystery. So we have a cart before the horse situation for now.

For the record Kirklees have now spent £71K on Ramsden Road and the Yateholme Lanes since 2018. This will be a considerable under estimate as it does not include costs of the failed PSPO or the many officer hours spent on the case. The routes are in a considerably worse condition now than in 2018. A great example of how not to manage byways and unmade roads.

PathWatch will update you when they get things the right way around.

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