Ramsden Road Coronation Special.

He doesn’t just talk to plants.

Welcome to this PathWatch Coronation Special update on Ramsden Road and the Yateholme Lanes. Firstly, some disappointing news. The planned PathWatch Coronation Street Party on Ramsden Road will not be going ahead. Our application for a small grant for bunting, confectionery and a TRO to close the road was turned down by Kirklees. It would have been a fantastic community event and an opportunity to close and lock the £44k worth of gates for a day.

A spokesperson from the council said the PathWatch application was “not that funny really but did get a surprisingly long way in the process before being spotted.”

In a more positive turn of events the King & Queen made a surprise visit to the gates above Holmfirth. King Charles was able to draw on his lifetime of experience of being public funded but having no discernible purpose to offer the gates advice and support in their existential crisis.

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