Scar End Lane, Cheesegate Nab Side & Scaly Gate.

Previously on PathWatch we reported on the surprise reopening of a number of green lanes in the valley. It was a surprise because the lanes were closed for repairs and no repairs had been carried out at any of the locations – Scaly Gate, Scaly gate (Hepworth), Scar End Lane and Cheesegate Nab Side.

To the ensuing public outcry senior officers at the council claimed repairs had been undertaken and the closures could no longer be justified.

It made no sense to any of the local residents or users of the lanes who could clearly see that no repairs had been undertaken.

The lanes were originally closed due to damage from 4×4’s and at the time it was readily agreed by Kirklees that the lanes needed to be closed to vehicles to under take repairs.

Here’s a nice email from Will Accornley a Director at Kirklees confirming the situation in March 2022.

It should also be remembered that a member of the public had served a s56 notice on Kirklees which prompted the closures and promise of repairs.

A recent response to a freedom of information request has shed some light into the murky goings on at Kirklees.

The closures were poorly managed and following a complaint from a 4×4 driver Kirklees went into a panic and reopened the lanes in February 2023. They seemed to forget all about the s56 notice and promise of repairs.

This is confirmed by an email exchange between Mark Scarr, Head of Highways and his staff reproduced below. The emails confirm senior staff at Kirklees new that no repairs had been carried out.

From: Mark Scarr <>

Sent: 07 February 2023 14:33

To: Mark White <>; Will Acornley <>


Subject: RE: Cheese Gate Scaly Gate(s) Scar End etc. NOT Ramsden Road etc

Is all planned work for which the TTRO was put in place and the blocks were installed, completed?


Mark Scarr

Head of Highways

Sent: 08 February 2023 08:04

To: Mark Scarr <>;>; Mark

White <>; Will Acornley <>

Subject: RE: Cheese Gate Scaly Gate(s) Scar End etc. NOT Ramsden Road etc

Morning Boss

No we haven’t undertaken any works at this location whilst the TTRO has been in place.We have undertaken some potholing repairs on the section lower down as part of the issues about road adoption/classification that Graham West was dealing with.

In terms of this it was all agreed before we established the highway asset maintenance team so we came on board when the closure and lego blocks were already in place, my understanding from the meetings with Will and yourself was that wider team was going to take a look, design a suitable scheme and then we would go to Cabinet to try and secure the funding but it would be unlikely that we would.

If you wanted a personal view from myself I would let the TTRO expire, remove the lego blocks that are currently in place and anybody choosing to use a section of highway adopted in character only chooses to do so at their own risk knowing that it will not be to the standard of a carriageway or footpath on the main network.

From a duty to maintain point of view under Section 41 of the Highways Act 1980 this would be acceptable – We have numerous sections of highway adopted in character only around the district and the above stance is how we maintain the rest of them and defend any personal injury claims on them.

It may well not solve the anti-social behaviour issues that residents experienced before the TTRO was put in place but I would then look at what powers the Council had (if any) to deal with the anti-social behaviour.

Let me know what the decision is and if needed we will raise a works order for colleagues in Highways Operations to attend and remove the concrete lego blocks that are currently in place, as Mark has correctly highlighted below if we do not remove the lego blocks then obstructing the highway would come into play.

If you need any further information just give me a shout.

CheersHide message history


Sent: 07 February 2023 14:39

To: Mark Scarr <>; Mark White <>; Will

Acornley <>

Subject: RE: Cheese Gate Scaly Gate(s) Scar End etc. NOT Ramsden Road etc

Hi Mark

Nothing has happened, it was referred to asset management for them to evaluate/assess as they are the budget holders and pass any works through to us.All that’s been done so far is the drainage works on Broad Carr Lane/Scaly Gate on the approach to but that’s below the Lego Blocks/Closure.


Principal Engineer


Directorate of Economy and Infrastructure

Headlands Depot

Headlands Road


Clearly, Kirklees went for the “let them eat cake” option and to date no repairs have been carried out on any of the lanes.

This is exactly what happened with Ramsden Road. Promises of vehicle closures and repairs which nearly 5 years on have led to nothing. In the meantime a 4×4 and motorbike fest continues to play havoc for residents and ruin the environment.

Large Hadron Collider Of Incompetence In Scientific First On Kirklees Byway

Whilst not on a par with John Cockcroft and Earnest Walton splitting the atom, the chavs who successfully split a stolen caravan on a Holmfirth Byway do deserve some recognition.

The caravan was driven up Ramsden Road last week where the top half and a trail of debris remains. The mystery of the bottom half of the holiday home has now been solved with the discovery of it’s sad remains on Holmfirth Bridleway 94. A route with a unique set of problems itself.

This scientific discovery would not be possible without the Large Hadron Collider of incompetence that is Kirklees Council.

Ramsden Road Caravan Holiday Ends In Disaster.

Photo from Friends of Ramsden Road FB page.

It’s a good job Charles and Camilla visited earlier in the week ! Back in the real world a caravan has been towed up onto Ramsden Road in the night and wrecked on the rocky section. Readers will recall that the hapless Kirklees Council has spent £44k of taxpayers money on gates for Ramsden Road. The gates have been locked open since installation in February.

The level of incompetence, disregard for public resources and just not giving a toss has been taken to new depths by the bureaucrats of Huddersfield. There is no bottom to this particular barrel it seems.

Post and information Friends of Ramsden Road

Ramsden Road Coronation Special.

He doesn’t just talk to plants.

Welcome to this PathWatch Coronation Special update on Ramsden Road and the Yateholme Lanes. Firstly, some disappointing news. The planned PathWatch Coronation Street Party on Ramsden Road will not be going ahead. Our application for a small grant for bunting, confectionery and a TRO to close the road was turned down by Kirklees. It would have been a fantastic community event and an opportunity to close and lock the £44k worth of gates for a day.

A spokesperson from the council said the PathWatch application was “not that funny really but did get a surprisingly long way in the process before being spotted.”

In a more positive turn of events the King & Queen made a surprise visit to the gates above Holmfirth. King Charles was able to draw on his lifetime of experience of being public funded but having no discernible purpose to offer the gates advice and support in their existential crisis.

Kirklees Take A Spin On Road To Damascus

Responsible green laning ?

Kirklees position on green lanes in the Holme Valley has under gone a “road to Damascus” type conversion since last Monday. In late February Kirklees reopened a number of closed lanes and put out a “Come and trash our countryside” sign to the 4×4 brigade. Earlier this week the Head of Highways at Kirklees was advising locals and walkers not to be so sensitive about 4x4s wrecking the Kirklees Way or Holme Valley Circular Walk. Photo above shows 2 vehicles on the Kirklees Way which may or may not have public vehicular rights. There’s not much of it left anyway.

However, there has been a huge public outcry from residents and non motorised users of these lanes. The 3 ward councillors now appear to be working together on the issue and following meetings this week have advised that TRO’s will be placed on the lanes.

This is positive news but early days and much remains unclear at present. Kirklees have a poor record in this area and messed up big time with Ramsden Road Lets hope they’ve learnt from that expensive debacle and proceed with a degree of professionalism & competence that’s previously been absent.

Quote from the Head of Highways earlier this week. Yet another overpaid failure to add to a long list.

Winter Weather Claims Holmfirth FP 31 At Brockholes

Holmfirth FP 31 on the Riverside Way at Brockholes

The snow, frost and rain of the past days has claimed a popular path on the Holme Valley Riverside Way just before the campsite at Brockholes. A couple of trees have slipped into the River Holme taking a section of path with them. There have been previous landslips at this location over the years and putting this right looks tricky.

Report it to Holmfirth Footpath 31/10.

Cartworth Moor Road – Keep On Trucking

While the public are now denied the use of Cartworth Moor Road for the harmless activity of wandering about it remains open for HGV’s and these monsters.

Truth be told the closure seems to be more of an arse covering exercise from our hapless council to protect it against public liability claims. The road closed sign has disappeared at one end and if you join the road off one of the many linking paths there’s nothing to alert you to the closure.

Keep on trucking

Meltham Bridleway 50 Magdalen Road Planning Application.

Back in October 2020 PathWatch reported on the complete destruction of Meltham Bridleway 50. Kirklees and the Peak District National Park as Highway and Planning Authorities bestowed those responsible with the usual largess. Between them they managed to turn a blind eye for over 2 years.

When pushed Kirklees still preferred not to take the enforcement action required but allowed the responsible party time to submit a planning application to the Peak Park. This, supposedly, will sort things out and the landowners will get a vehicular road over the bridleway as a bonus.

Kirklees have made assurances that the bridleway will be reinstated by the end of June 2023 but this looks increasingly unlikely given the pit falls of the planning process.

The planning application is now live for public comment. This is the only opportunity to influence reinstatement of the bridleway and make it more bridleway less road.

Cartworth Moor Road/Windy Ridge Quarry Planning Recommend Refusal

Kirklees planners are recommending refusal of the retrospective planning application to increase HGV moments on Cartworth Moor Road. The case goes to the Strategic Planning Committee on March 2nd. The report can be read here from page 67. This good news but likely only the start of appeals and enforcement action which may go on for months/years.

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