Colne Valley Bridleway 197. If A Job’s Worth Doing…

Col 197-2

Previously on PathWatch we’ve blogged about 2 large beech trees coming down on Colne Valley Bridleway 197 here and here . The trees came down in some wet & windy weather in September. Whilst it’s undoubtedly a tricky job to remove them, and one for an expert, the state this popular path has been left in after works to clear the trees is shocking.

The metal guard rail has been broken and left twisted across the path and one of the root balls has been left sat on the bridleway. There is no signing and guarding of the arboreal disaster and the public are left to take their chances.

Col 197


Colne Valley Bridleway 197 Blocked By 2 Large Beech Trees


I only walked this path a couple of days ago and all was good. However the wind & rain of Thursday night/Friday morning has brought 2 huge beech trees down and left them hanging over this popular bridleway.  The trees are at the Blake Lee Lane, Marsden end of the path.

It’s an odd situation as a line of beeches is growing on top of a high drystone retaining wall. They are now left hanging over the path,partly in the river and partly on top of the wall. They could of course move again or the wall may come down as well.

It has been reported.