Kirklees Congratulates Itself On Losing £5.5 Million


In the back to front world of our much loved local Council writing off  “only” £5.5 million of council tax debt is seen as progress! A self congratulatory article in the little read “Kirklees Together” trumpets the Councils staggering performance in losing a whooping 0.3% less in the 2017/18 financial year than it did in the previous one! It has no doubt cost many more public pounds in management systems, staff restructures and software to reach this peak of financial efficiency. Only the most cynical PR person or a complete fool would think such a piss poor performance a “success”.

That £0.8 million would make a huge difference to the public rights of way network in Kirklees. Especially if a chunk of the recent underspend (totalling some £6 million according to Cllr Turner) was thrown in. If the Council could switch off the Prow Cock Up generators at the same time as this financial shot in the arm the public paths of Kirklees could feasibly be paved with gold…..