Red Thelma V Battlestar Kirklees


Sad to read today that our erstwhile head teacher and popular tory slayer Red Thelma MP has been reduced to a mere mortal. Stripped of her magic powers the only weapon left is the questionable and antiquated “writing to the Chief Exec” pen and paper approach.

The pressing matter at hand is the long saga of the iconic Mount Pleasant School Clock Tower and it’s imminent demolition. It would seem there is a suspicion of a bit of sleight of hand in how Kirklees has dealt with the issue which will of course surprise no one who reads this blog.

Will Red Thelma’s finely tuned missive get through to the elusive Captain of Battlestar Kirklees, Ginger Spice, who was last seen dealing with an ongoing natural disaster with Private Pandor outside the SS Civic 3 some weeks ago. Darth Sheard is also copied into the missive but his force is weakening and he seems to be exiled in Heckmondwike 6, a small band of book like planets beyond the Batley Belt. He wouldn’t answer anyway.

Many of us lesser mortals often try to breach the stark defences of the SS Civic 3 with primitive weapons such as letters to the “Chief Exec” but they never breach the indifference field which protects those inside from the great unwashed.

Red Thelma is probably unaware that such letters are hived off to middle ranking officials on small asteroids where they are incubated for 12 to 18 months in dusty folders while the council “takes a view” or awaits the growth of a suitably condescending tone at which point a reply can be safely released.

Be interesting to see if MP after Red Thelma makes a difference.