Investigation into an application to modify the Definitive Map and Statement: Meltham 70, Wilshaw, W Yorks. Nearest postcode: HD9 4D. Grid reference SE 1203 0963

Meltham 70 . Point A1 on the Kirklees plan. There is no record of any structures at this location on the Kirklees Definitive Map & Statement.

Kirklees Council are currently carrying out an investigation into the presence of a locked gate and 45 cm squeeze stile on Meltham Footpath 70. Location shown above.

The various structures shown in the photo have appeared fairly recently on what was a well used path. The full width of the lane between walls was  available for public use. For many years equestrian use of the lane was common place and there is a claim to have the path upgraded to bridleway status. The Kirklees consultation is copied and pasted below. Anyone with information supporting the open nature of the path and lack of locked gate and squeeze stile is encouraged to respond.

Kirklees Council has received an application to vary the particulars shown in the Statement accompanying the Definitive Map of Public Rights of Way.

The application is to record as limitations to the public right of way a squeeze stile 45cm wide next to a locked gate at point A1 on the attached map. There currently no gates, stiles or other structures recorded in the Statement accompanying the Definitive Map.


Do you have any evidence about gates or stiles on this path?


We would welcome any evidence regarding the existence or absence of structures on this path.

We would be particularly interested to know what structures may have existed in the past, and when any structures might have been removed.

If you have any evidence to add, or any comment to make please send it to Phil Champion by 23 December 2020.

Please note that this Notice forms part of the investigation of the application to modify the Definitive Map and Statement and that no decision on the application has yet been made by the Council.

Any comments you make or evidence you provide you make may eventually become public and may be used in evidence at a Public Inquiry.

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