Stile In A Gate


A brand new waymark nailed to a dead tree on Meltham Footpath 48 (above) directs the rambler over a beck to a second new waymark nailed to a leaning fence post  wreathed in several generations of barbed wire (below).


The second waymark is located next to a “stile in a gate” (bit like soap on a rope? Ed) which is impossible to use as the gate has fallen over and is held up only by the stile! This “stile in a gate” is however a superb example of the new Kirklees Standard “Most Restrictive Option”. Walkers seemed to take their chances with the adjacent 3 strand barbed wire fence rather than the “stile in a gate” which goes to show just how effective the “Most Restrictive” option is đŸ™‚


The obvious question is why would anyone waymark a mess like this? Ensuring the path is obstruction free and safe to use prior to encouraging public use with new waymarks might be a better option.