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Brand spanking new footpath sign for Shalley Farm.

Some small successes to report as a result of walking and blogging. A brand new sign has been put up on Holmfirth Footpath 116 at Shalley Farm! This has been missing for a long time and many of it’s predecessors have gone the same way. Where the signs go or what happens to them is a complete mystery. One day they are there and then like Lord Lucan or Shergar they are gone…..  Lets see how long this one lasts.

Other signs have been put up on Holmfirth 122 at Scholes and the stiles on Holmfirth Footpath 131 have been repaired by the owner.


The sign on Holmfirth 167 (above) has been put back to the top of the pole and the cheeky cctv sign removed.

Thank you Kirklees 🙂

Before – sign missing
sign (1 of 1).jpg
After – new sign